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AC BOARD ROOM                                                                                                
AC GRAND LOBBY                                                                                                
AC MEETING ROOM A                                                                                                
AC MEETING ROOM B                                                                                                
AC PATIO                                                                                                
AC TENT AREA (LAWN)                                                                                                
INTERNATIONAL BALLROOM A - (150 - NORTH ROOM)                                                                                                
INTERNATIONAL BALLROOM B - (149 - SOUTH ROOM)                                                                                                
KT LOBBY - MAIN FLOOR                                                                                                
LA LOBBY                                                                                                
LB 275 - BALTHASER CONFERENCE ROOM                                                                                                
NF LOBBY                                                                                                
WU ATRIUM                                                                                                
WU 114 )College Day
WU 116 N/A AFTER 5/20/13                                                                                                
WU 121 - FIRESIDE LOUNGE                                                                                                
WU 121 - TV LOUNGE                                                                                                
WU 123 - WESTSIDE LOUNGE                                                                                                
WU 126A - CLASSIC KITCHEN                                                                                                
WU 126B - SMALL CHAIR STORAGE                                                                                                
WU 128 - COAT ROOM                                                                                                
WU 130 - STAGE STORAGE CLOSET                                                                                                
WU 132 - LARGE DRESSING ROOM                                                                                                
WU 134 - SMALL DRESSING ROOM                                                                                                
WU 199 - CAGE                                                                                                
WU 199 - HALLWAY                                                                                                
WU 199 - LOBBY                                                                                                
WU 199 - STAIRWELL BANNER SPACE                                                                                                
WU 222 )College Day
WU 224 )College Day
WU 226 )College Day
WU 299 - HALLWAY                                                                                                
WU 2ND FLOOR LOUNGE - 223                                                                                                
WU G-08 (NEXT TO BILLIARDS AREA)                                                                                                
WU G-10 - THE STOMPING GROUNDS AREA                                                                                                
stomping grounds dining area                                                                                                
student recreation center                                                                                                
WU G-21 ) - COLUMBIA ROOM                                                                                                
WU G-21A ) - FAIRFIELD ROOM                                                                                                
WU G-99 - HALLWAY                                                                                                
WU KITCHEN CATERING PREP AREA                                                                                                
WU KITCHEN COOLER 1                                                                                                
WU KITCHEN FREEZER 1                                                                                                
WU SHOWCASE A                                                                                                
WU SHOWCASE B                                                                                                
X ALUMNI PLAZA A ) - LOWER LEVEL                                                                                                
X ALUMNI PLAZA B ) - WEST SIDE                                                                                                
X ALUMNI PLAZA C ) - UPPER LEVEL & STEPS                                                                                                
X CHILDRENS GARDEN (SCAN PAVILION))                                                                                                
X FRIENDS PAVILION/AQUARIUS PARK                                                                                                
X SB MALL A ) - NEAR SIDEWALK                                                                                                
X SB MALL B ) - CENTRAL AREA                                                                                                
X SB MALL C ) - NEAR SB                                                                                                
XX ALUMNI PARK- WEST CAMPUS                                                                                                
XX BONFIRE AREA                                                                                                
XX FRONTAGE PARK (NEAR COLISEUM BLVD./ALUMNI WALK)                                                                                                
XX GEOGARDEN                                                                                                
XX KATTER PARK                                                                                                
XX KETTLER CIRCLE (CANOPY AREA)                                                                                                
XX KETTLER NORTH LAWN - (CIRCLE DR. TO DOCK)                                                                                                
XX KETTLER SOUTH LAWN - (CIRCLE DR TO CAMPUS DR.)                                                                                                
XX LAGOON POINT PARK                                                                                                
XX LIBRARY GREEN                                                                                                
XX NIIC GROUNDS                                                                                                
XX NORTH CAMPUS LAWN                                                                                                
XX RAINBOW SCULPTURE PARK                                                                                                
XX ST. JOE LAWN                                                                                                
XX VISUAL ARTS AMPHITHEATER                                                                                                
XX WALB UNION PARK                                                                                                
XX WATERFRONT PARK - NORTH                                                                                                
XX WATERFRONT PARK - SOUTH                                                                                                
XXX GARAGE 1                                                                                                
XXX GARAGE 2                                                                                                
XXX PARKING LOT 06                                                                                                
XXX PARKING LOT 07                                                                                                
XXX PARKING LOT 08                                                                                                
XXX PARKING LOT 11                                                                                                
XXX PARKING LOT 12                                                                                                
XXX TENT A                                                                                                
XXX TENT B                                                                                                
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